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About our choirs and our organisation

We aim to develop the love and learning of singing.

"The object of the choir is to promote, improve, develop and maintain public education in, and appreciation of, the art and science of music in all its aspects, by the presentation of public choral concerts, and by such other ways as the members, through the trustees, shall determine from time to time."

These are the formal words of our constitution, but less formally it means that we aim to be better singers, understand more about music and its making, and to present what we have created in public concerts. 

We are professional in our attitude towards learning, but have great fun in the process.

We are keen to support music in the local community and to work with other groups. 

We are supporters of the local charity MusicSpace in its provision of music therapy.

We have an open-access policy and encourage potential newcomers to try us out.


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